Top 20 Australian Business Directories

Your presence in the top online business directories will help you to attract new customers, both directly and indirectly as an influential SEO ranking factor. Here’s our list of the best business directories in Australia, plus links to submit your business asap.

One of the most under-valued tasks for any business is creating and maintaining an online presence via business directories.

Your presence in the top online directories will help you to attract new customers, both directly and indirectly as an influential SEO ranking factor.

But, the first step is identifying the appropriate directories. They need to have the authority and have the real potential to send you new customers.

Want to know the best part?

I’ve done a big part of the leg-work for you. I’ve compiled a list of the best business directories in Australia along with direct links to pages so submitting your Australian business is that little bit easier.

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Note: The following list is for Australian business directories. If that’s not what you’re looking for, check out our:
Top U.S. Business Directories 
Top U.K. Business Directories.

Of the top 20, there are 17 free local directories and three paid.

Each local directory has been chosen due to their Domain Authority score. Despite constant requests to have other directories featured, this list will remain curated by the top DA scores so you know you can trust them. It is also audited every three months to ensure we maintain the best list for local businesses.

Other notable features that we’ve chosen to provide include estimated monthly traffic and what percentage of this estimated traffic is from Australia (sourced from SimilarWeb).

Google has been using this as a ranking factor (who knows how much of a factor) since 2014 and has been steadily increasing their warnings.

Moz reported in April that 50% of page one Google results were https and projected it may be as much as 65% by the end of 2018. So it might be worth taking this into account when deciding what directories you want to use.


What Is Domain Authority?

DA is a metric developed by Moz, so let’s leave an explanation to them:

“Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score …. that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.”


The 20 Best Australian Business Directories

Based on Moz’s Domain Authority metric, below is the list of Australia’s Top Online Directories.

Last updated: August 27th 2021


True Local

True Local Business Directory

DA: 83
Est. Monthly Traffic: 1.07 million (88% Australia)

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Search Frog Business Directory

DA: 68
Est. Monthly Traffic: 603

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Infobel Australia

Infobel Australia Directory

DA: 58
Est. Monthly Traffic:

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DA: 55
Est. Monthly Traffic: 1.31 mllion (90% Australia)

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Sensis (Yellow Pages)

Yellow Pages Business Directory

DA: 53
Est. Monthly Traffic: 121,900 (82% Australia)

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DA: 50
Est. Monthly Traffic: 67,010 (49% Australia)

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ShowMeLocal Australia

Showmelocal Business Directory

DA: 50
Est. Monthly Traffic: 274,400 (5.41% Australia)

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Flying Solo

Flying Solo

DA: 50
Est. Monthly Traffic: 75,900 (72% Australia)

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Start Local

StartLocal Business Directory

DA: 48
Est. Monthly Traffic: 42,700 (47% Australia)

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Business Listings

BusinessListings directory

DA: 45
Est. Monthly Traffic: 12,300 (93% Australia)

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Local Search

Local Search Business Directory

DA: 44
Est. Monthly Traffic: 571,100 (89% Australia)

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DA: 41
Est. Monthly Traffic: 9,890 (12% Australia)

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dlook business directory

DA: 40
Est. Monthly Traffic: 23,100 (54% Australia)

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Tuugo directory

DA: 38
Est. Monthly Traffic: 37,500 (48% Australia)

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WOMO business directory

DA: 35
Est. Monthly Traffic: 223,600 (84% Australia)

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DA: 32
Est. Monthly Traffic: 16,400 (Less than 4% Australia)

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DA: 31
Est. Monthly Traffic: 4,300

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Aussie Web Business Directory

DA: 31
Est. Monthly Traffic: 108,700 (65% Australia)

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Are listings on business directories still important?

How much effort or time should you invest in listing your business on the top business directories?

Whitespark announced the results of its Local Search Ranking Factors survey 2020 recently and the findings suggest the influence of such citations are not as important as they once were. They have slipped to the equal-sixth factor, while Google My Business and online reviews were considered first and second.


Tips For Listing In Local Business Directories

  1. Select the most appropriate category. Take into account what your competitors have.
  2. Complete as much of your business listing as possible. This includes great photos.
  3. Ensure your Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) matches that on your website and Google My Business listing.
  4. If you have more than one location then link to the relevant location page on your website, ie /Melbourne/.
  5. Write a unique business description – Don’t copy + paste from your website.
  6. Use a spreadsheet to keep your activity organised (as well as your log-ins).

Further reading: OnQ Marketing analysed 150 Australian businesses ranking in Google’s local pack. Find out what factors appear to be driving their performance.


Quentin Aisbett

Quentin is the founder of Pocket Insights and search marketing agency Searcht. Searcht (formerly OnQ) was named by business insights firm The Manifest as one of the Top 15 digital agencies in Australia, while named them in their Top 50 Local SEO agencies.

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