Google Lighthouse Reporting For Busy Marketers

Monitor the technical health of your website weekly and monthly with our Google Lighthouse report. Set up takes just minutes.


Why Google Lighthouse?

OK it’s not for everyone. You might have bigger priorities. But consider that the Lighthouse report will be monitoring your Core Web Vitals.

What are Core Web Vitals?

They’re metrics that measure a user’s experience on your website and Google are making them a ranking factor in 2021. So if your SEO performance is important to your business – Then you may want to add Lighthouse to your Pocket Insights report.

You’ll receive the following ‘Performance’ metrics:

  • First contentful paint
  • Largest contentful paint
  • Cumulative layout shift
  • Speed index
  • Time to interactive
  • Total blocking time

Why Pocket Insights?

Simple Reporting

Forget all those dashboards. We send you one weekly & monthly email with all the metrics you need. That’s it.

Good for Teams

Got a big marketing team? No problem. Whichever plan you choose, we can send reports to two extra team members.

Multiple Integrations

We’ve integrated with multiple platforms. Everything from Google Analytics to Facebook and Instagram. Now in the one spot.

Regular Emails

Get weekly emails on key stats and opportunities, & monthly reports to shape your marketing strategy. Simple, quick and painless.

Set Up Your Google Lighthouse
Report In Minutes

Get even more value in your reporting by connecting two of the following with Lighthouse.


Two free reports. No credit card required.