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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is powerful, but also huge and complex and vaguely terrifying. We’ll keep things simple. Our reports show how your basic metrics stack up against previous weeks, your Top 5 traffic sources, and your site performance across multiple devices. Nice and easy.

Google My Business

GMB is like a snapshot into how local customers stumbled on your business, either via Search or Maps. We’ll help you see how many customers requested directions, called your number or checked your website. We also track your Google Posts and share some basic SEO insights.

Search Rankings

Just give us 5 keywords you want to track, and we’ll send you a snapshot of your week-to-week and monthly search rankings, broken down into Google desktop and mobile search results. It’s SEO made simple.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights can be clunky. Let us handle it. We’ll dive into the data and deliver key audience metrics: how fast your numbers are growing, successful posts, total likes, shares and comments, and how these numbers measure against previous weeks and months.

Shop Insights

Run an online store? We'll send you numbers on your conversion rate, how your customers are finding you and which products are converting well. Insights that'll help you improve your marketing and increase sales.

Lighthouse Reporting

Concerned about the health of your website? You should be. But monitoring your page speed, SEO indicators, and general 'best practices' can be a pain. So we've tapped into Google's Lighthouse Tool to give you a score on each of these metrics and suggest improvements.

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