We get it. We’re digital marketers too.

Pocket Insights started – as so many good stories do – with a small business problem. 

As an experienced digital marketing team, we’ve worked with hundreds of SME clients and start-ups. And most of them don’t use enough data. They rely on hunches and ‘gut instinct’. Which is okay, but it’s not really best practice. 

The issues were usually the same: our clients didn’t understand Google Analytics, they were juggling too many dashboards, or they found the whole thing overwhelming and scary. We kept seeing the same story again and again. We thought: reporting should help grow business, not get in the way of it. 

So we created Pocket Insights. We took the tangled world of marketing metrics and, basically, untangled it: one email with all the key stats, and nothing else. Something that could be used by lone wolf marketers or small teams, without blowing the monthly budget. 

Keep things small

We don’t want to do what other SaaS companies do: start with small business then quickly scale to enterprise and make tonnes of cash. That’s not what Pocket Insights is for. We made this company for small businesses and SMEs, and we’re going to keep it that way.

Keep things simple

The problem with most analytics platforms – the way we see it – is that they do too much. They’re too powerful. Most small marketing teams don’t need every metric in the mathematical universe. They just want the stats that matter. And that’s all we deliver.

Keep things regular

We’re not interested in shiny bells or whistles here. There are plenty more robust analytic platforms for enterprise marketing teams. We’ve made it our mission to distill complex metrics into a simple weekly and monthly email. That’s it. No more, no less.